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‌Five causes of mucus of the eye

‌Five causes of mucus of the eye

When we wake up in the morning there are tears in the corners of our eyes. While we may not really like this sometimes, this is done for the protection of our eyes. But if this condition worsens, it could be a sign of disease. So in this article we will look at why this ring is flowing and how it provides eye protection. Also, do not forget to protect your eyes – “like taking care of your eyes”.

Why is this every morning?

01.The reason is that our eyes are closed all night

When you are asleep, these circles are in the corners of your eyes, sometimes along the eye line. This is because you do not get to lubricate your eyes when you use them.

02.It is a feature of good healthy eyes

Your eyelids may be wet and sticky or dry. They come from the tear gland in your eye, which lubricates your eyes because it is a secretion when you open your eyes. This is a body protection tactic that protects your eyes from things like bacteria.

Why it causes complications

01.Dryness of your eyes

The most common cause of dry eyes is when you look at your phone or computer screen for a long time, even when you are in an air-conditioned place. Then your eyes will not get enough tears to be lubricated so it will add roughness to your eyes.

02.Do not remove your tears

When you wake up, you may find it a habit to immediately check your phone or pick up a toothbrush, but of course you should remove the eyebrows first.

One important step in removing them properly is to wipe your face with a damp cloth or wash your face with warm water. This will remove all the knots thoroughly.

03.It can be an infection of your eye

If you often see more tears in your eyes, this is not normal. Then it is worth seeing an ophthalmologist to see if you have an eye infection.

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