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Control migraine headaches with these foods

Control migraine headaches with these foods

Many people who come to read this article are very happy to see this article may be suffering from this unpleasant disease. Migraine is not a deadly disease, but it is a more painful disease than a deadly one. The saying goes that the head should be free, but it is very difficult for people with migraines to have their head free.

Especially at night when everyone forgets all the worries and falls asleep, there are times when migraines do not even give you a chance to sleep freely. No matter how many medications are taken for migraine, most people have this condition more or less throughout their lives. Here are some eating habits that can help you get relief from migraines. Taking these foods daily can reduce headaches.


Avocados are good for many conditions. Antioxidants such as zeaxanthin and lutein, found in avocados, not only relieve minor headaches but also keep them at bay.


Figs are one of the healthiest foods for the body. Figs should be picked at a young age. According to researchers, the potassium in figs helps to stave off headaches.


Omega 3 and vitamin B2 inhibit the formation of white blood cells in salmon. This is a major cause of headaches.

04.Sweet potato

The vitamin C, vitamin B1 and potassium in sweet potatoes give you the energy you need to fight migraines. Eat sweet potatoes when you have a headache.

05.Carrots and Melons

Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches. Eat vegetables and fruits like watermelon, cucumber and carrot to increase your body water content.


Cabbage is a good remedy for migraine in addition to all the other health benefits. Its omega 3s and fiber bring relief to migraines.


According to research, riboflavin, a component of vitamin B, is a good remedy for migraine. This ingredient is abundant in yogurt.

08.Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also a drink that has many health benefits. Vitamin C in it helps to bring relief to migraines. When you have a headache, add a little water, sugar and salt to the lemon juice and drink it.

09.Cinnamon paste

Grind some cinnamon sticks and add some water to make a paste. When migraine occurs, applying it on both sides of the head can be a great relief.

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