Drinks that prevent hair loss

The vitamin nutrients in these drinks provide your body with a lot of nutrition as well as benefits.

01.Spinach + Banana + Lemon – Spinach can provide daily vitamins and other essential nutrients to the body.
Add 350 ml of water, 3 bananas, a handful of spinach leaves and the juice of half a lime or orange and blend until soft.

02.Celery + Spinach + Lemon + Banana – Celery burns calories. They also contain nutrients such as vitamins.
Blend with 2 celery flakes, a cup of spinach leaves, a glass of water and the juice of half a lime or orange. This is a very good vitamin cocktail drink.

03.Spinach + Banana + Apple + Lemon – The nutrition in bananas and spinach eliminates the tired nature of the body and enhances the body’s energy.
Blend with a cup of fresh spinach leaves, 2 bananas, an apple, a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon.

04.Cucumber + Lettuce + Lemon + Honey – This is a very ancient drink. Cucumber extract detoxifies and nourishes the body with the vitamin E properties of lettuce.
Blend a handful of lettuce, a medium-sized peeled cucumber, the juice of half a lemon, a glass of water and a spoonful of honey.

05.Carrot + Beet + Celery + Cucumber + Apple + Parsley + Ginger – A colorful drink full of vitamin properties.
Take one apple from each vegetable and 2 apples. Add a bunch of parsley leaves and a little ginger and blend.

06.Spinach + Lettuce + Celery + Pears + Banana + Lemon – There is nothing wrong with calling this an energy drink. A juice drink that can be drunk for breakfast. It also helps boost your immune system.
Take a handful of spinach leaves, 3 celery stalks, 1 pears, 1 1/2 glasses of water, lemon juice, banana and cut into pieces and blend.

07.Carrot + Apple + Ginger + Banana + Orange + Mint Green – This colorful drink is a healthy drink that will improve your mood.
For this you need 3 carrots, 2 green apples, a piece of ginger, 2 bananas, an orange and a bunch of mint leaves.
Chop them and blend. This recipe is enough for two people to drink.

08.Cucumber + Spinach + Pineapple + Green Tea + Lemon + Ginger – Green tea are rich in vitamins as well as powerful antioxidant properties.
Cucumber, 2 bundles of spinach, 2 cups of pineapple, a cup of boiled green tea, half a lemon juice and a pinch of ginger. Put these in a blender and blend until smooth.

09.Apples + Lemons + Cucumbers – Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is rich in pectin and iron.
You can make a delicious drink using one apple, 2 cucumbers and half a lemon. Chop the apples and cucumbers, add the lemon juice and blend.

10.Avocado + Banana + Orange + Medicinal Leaves + Lemon – Avocado is a very healthy fruit.
For this drink, put a peeled banana and an orange in an aliphatic blender, add the herbs, a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon and mix well.

11.Apples + Celery + Cucumbers + Beets + Ginger – Although the ingredients are very simple, the results you will get from this drink are amazing.
Add 3 green apples, a celery stalk, a cucumber, a medium-sized beetroot and a piece of ginger and blend well.

12.Cucumber + Parsley – This drink is rich in vitamin nutrition. Parsley contains antioxidants and vitamins, and cucumber contains about 96% water. It can be tasted as a cooling drink.

13.Ginger + Spinach + Apple + Honey – Ginger contains anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as vitamins.
For this smoothie, add a bunch of spinach leaves, a teaspoon of ginger, 2 apples, 2 teaspoons of honey and a little water and blend until thick.

14.Banana + Apple Juice + Carrot + Lemon – Add one banana, a glass of apple juice, 2 tablespoons of chopped carrot juice and the juice of half a lemon and blend until soft.

15.Almonds + Dates + Honey + Cinnamon + Mint – The vitamin E properties of almonds are very good for the body.
Add raw almonds, a glass of water, 2 peeled dates, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of mint leaves and blend well.