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Here are 11 old tricks that make homework easier

Here are 11 old tricks that make homework easier

Today many people are looking for ways to make homework easier. The reason for this is that although it takes time, those methods do not get old. The methods that our grandmothers used to use at home are still very useful to us. These are easier and more effective than the latest technology to make our homework easier. It’s not like we went to buy a modern device, if we can do something like this at home it won’t cost money. So today we are going to teach you some tricks that were used in the house in the past but can still be used to make the work easier.

01.Use salt to clean gas stoves

Our housewives use various chemicals to clean gas stoves. When dishes fall off the stove during cooking, if they have to be cleaned, the stains will stick firmly to the surface of the stove. Then you have to clean it by rubbing it hard with a chemical cleaner. We can use salt as a solution. Before cooking, sprinkle a thin layer of salt on the surface of the pan. Then the spilled food rests on this salt. When the stove cools down, all we have to do is wipe the salt off with a damp cloth. No need to bother rubbing.

02.Sharpening a knife

If you do not have a knife sharpener, you can use an ordinary porcelain plate instead. Rub the blade of the knife on the rough round edge of the bottom of the porcelain dish. Then just sharpen the knife.

03.Quickly peel the carrots

Do not worry if you do not have a knife or peeler to peel the carrots. There is another solution. It is a metal scrub used to wash kitchen utensils such as dishes. (Metal scrub / steel wool) Peeling a carrot with a tool like this can actually reduce your carrot loss a lot. Because when you peel carrots with a peeler or a knife, a lot of carrots can be wasted. When peeling carrots with a scrub, the carrots do not go away.

04.To make bread crumbs

You know, a grater that can be used to grate something like carrot cheese. You can also make pancakes using one of them. All you have to do is put a piece of dried bread in the fridge for a few hours and grate it normally using the same grater. Then you can easily get breadcrumbs.

05.To protect both nails and gloves from damage

Most of our women now wear gloves to protect their nails when they are doing rough things like washing dishes, but if you have slightly longer nails, we can see that the gloves get punctured. To prevent this, when you wear gloves, put a wide piece of glove inside the glove just like the fingertips. Then insert the hand. Then the glove will not be pierced by your nails. It also protects your nails. Also, there is no barrier to doing housework.

06.Remove a broken egg

If you suddenly drop an egg in your hand, removing it is a very troublesome task. Because of the liquid nature of an egg, when it is about to be removed, it swirls everywhere. Also, the pungent odor of eggs is more prevalent. So when an egg falls into the drink, it is a lot of work to remove it. We can use salt as a solution. Sprinkle salt well on the spot where the egg fell. Then the mixture becomes quite thick. Then you can put it on a dustpan without any hassle. The mixture has become quite thick so it does not circulate as a liquid anywhere around it. It also smells less.

07.Preserving the taste of garlic

As garlic ages, it loses its flavor. It does not smell and taste as good as fresh garlic. To prevent this, we can use salt again to keep the garlic fresh. When you bring the garlic home, if you want to keep it dry for a while, put it in a bowl and salt it well. Or put salt in the box first and place the garlic on it. In this way the bitterness and taste of the garlic is well preserved.

08.To keep away insects and parasites

You have heard about the medicinal plant called Dawul Cinnamon. Cinnamon leaves have a very strong medicinal odor. You can keep these insects away by placing some of these crushed cinnamon leaves in a sugar bottle, in a bag of rice flour or bread crumbs, or in food containers that are frequently infested with small insects such as ants.

09.Drying wool clothes in the correct way

Wool garments, such as sweaters and scarves, can sometimes get a little too large when dried. As a solution to this we can use tights or stockings of the kind worn by women. Take the waist area of ​​the stockings out of the neck of the sweater and the legs of the stockings out of the sleeves of the sweater. Then hang it on a cloth as usual and let it dry. You can see this in the picture below. This way the wool can dry quickly and prevent stretch marks from drying out.

10.Utilizing a broken old teapot

If you have an old teapot, you can use it to keep your threads, ribbons, and small ropes from tying. All you have to do is put the ball of yarn or ribbon ribbon into the teapot and let one end come out slowly. Then you can pull it out at any time and cut it to the desired size and use it without tying.

11.Loosen the lace

If your shoe has a knot that cannot be removed, you should spray some powder on it. The knot can be untied quickly.

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