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Here are nine things your lips reveal

Here are nine things your lips reveal

There are over a million nerve endings on our lips. So our lips are more sensitive than our fingertips. It is important to take good care of the lips and take care of the health of the lips. It is said that the lips sometimes give us important clues about our health, such as illness. Paying close attention to these tips will make it easier for us to maintain good health.

Reveal the true state of your health like a mirror, not just to your eyes,
Your lips can also shrink. Here are eight important tips to help you get rid of acne on your lips.

01.Cracks in the corner of the lip (corner of the mouth)

As the saliva gets stuck in the corners of your lips, its skin becomes dry and cracked. If you lick your lips regularly, your habit will cause the corners of your lips to become hot and damp. So this is a good opportunity to get rid of lip infections. Infections of the lips can cause the skin to explode. If you notice this happening again and again, do not think twice to see a doctor immediately.

02.Dry and cracked lips

Excessive dryness of the lips indicates a low moisture content in your body. Dry lips can be caused by weather or stress. So, you can drink more water to prevent dryness and use a moisturizing cream. Also, an allergy or allergy can cause the lips to crack. Watch out for symptoms such as itching with meth.

03.Blisters on the lips

It is correct to say that this blistering on the lips is an unbearable pain. But most of the time, these do not heal without any treatment. And there is no harm. Sometimes they can be caused by injuries, such as an injection of hyaluronic acid. This condition can also be caused by food allergies. If you have a blister caused by a virus (such as herpes), it is essential that you get proper treatment.

04.Reddened like a ring around the lips

The most common cause is dermatitis. Repeated licking / moisturizing of the lips causes the lips to become red and itchy as the natural oil on the skin around the lips is removed. Then it starts to appear red like a circular ring around it. The simplest solution is to try to stop the habit as soon as possible. You can also use a moisturizer to prevent dryness.

05.The upper lip is wrinkled

There are a number of physical and psychological causes for lip balm. Get rid of bad habits like drinking too much time and smoking too much.

06.Lip discoloration

If the lips turn dark blue, it means that your blood circulation is poor. This weakness can be seen not only on your lips, but also on your fingers and toes. White or pale lips can cause anemia. You will need to seek medical attention in this regard. Lip discoloration can also be caused by low blood sugar, circulatory problems or vitamin deficiencies.

07.Swelling of the lips

Often, this swelling of the lips is the result of an allergy. If you notice swelling of the lips when using certain beauty products, remove it immediately. If you continue to have enlarged lips in a short period of time, you need treatment.

08.Black dots on the lips

The appearance of black dots on the lips is not something to be ignored. There are several reasons for the appearance of dots. Hyper-pigmentation is the appearance of brown spots on the face. These occur not only on the lips, but also across the cheeks, nose and forehead.

These types of blackheads can occur on the lips as sunspots, or scars caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Seek medical advice as soon as possible as these can lead to cancer.

Another reason is that your body absorbs too much iron from food. This can also cause a dot on the lips.

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