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Nine Exercises For Women Over 40 Age

Nine Exercises For Women Over 40 Age

Middle age is a crucial time in anyone’s life. According to Ken Fox, a professor of exercise and health at the University of Bristol, a person’s muscle builds up and fat begins to build up after the age of forty. It can cause diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and various types of cancer. So to prevent this risk, we present a series of exercises that can be done daily for women over 40 years.

01.To maintain your metabolic rate without slowing down, do “Burpees”

High-intensity cardio exercise has the potential to keep the metabolic rate essential after reaching a certain age. So do this exercise once or twice a week to avoid slowing down the metabolism. Start with 3 burpies first. Then gradually increase to 4, 5, etc. But make sure you do not overdo it.

02.Perform “squats” to maintain strength

Any woman wants to have a round shaped post area. However, even women who have a naturally fit body without exercise begin to lose weight after the age of 40 due to muscle wasting. But the right squat exercises (with the knees straight above the soles and the spine straight) can strengthen and shape the body as well as increase flexibility.

03.Exercise “Plank” to get rid of back pain

Doing this exercise 90 seconds three times a week will greatly help to strengthen the muscles in your trunk. This strengthens the muscles of your abdomen, chest, arms, legs and spine.

04.Use dumbbells to prevent arthritis

Chronic joint pain can affect adults of any age. So you need to strengthen your muscles and bones to avoid this condition. You do not have to go to the gym for hours to lift weights. Exercising 1-3 kg per hand two or three times a week, such as deadlifts or overhead presses, is sufficient.

05.Exercise the “Glute Bridge” to relax the back muscles

Sitting in an office all day slows down your body’s calorie intake so that your back muscles do not function. The Glute Bridge exercise stretches your lower back, strengthening your back muscles and relaxing them after sitting all day. Lie on the floor with your hands on either side of your body. Then tighten the back muscles and lift up from the waist. After lifting as high as possible, tighten the muscles one more time. Then slowly lower yourself to the ground.

06.Perform “Y to T races” without allowing the muscles to degenerate

Sarcopenia is the degeneration of muscles with age. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders so that you can avoid awkward, ugly postures and prevent back and shoulder pain.

07.Exercise on an “elliptical machine” to protect the heart

An elliptical machine is a machine that exercises the body in a cycling manner. It is one of the best ways for women over the age of 40 to exercise with less intensity to maintain heart health. But for it to really have a positive effect on the heart, you need to exercise continuously for at least 30 minutes at 80% of your maximum heart rate. Strictly speaking, if the difficulty of the exercise is measured by a scale of 1-10 and its “1” is the easiest exercise and “10” is the most intense and intense exercise, then the exercise on an elliptical machine should be at the “8th” level.

08.Walk to be active

Walking is one of the best exercises that can be easily done by anyone of any age. It burns calories, strengthens the body and improves mood. Also, walking does not cause any fine joints. Because one of the reasons we are not able to do every exercise after reaching a certain age is that the small delicate joints wear out quickly. But walking does not.

09.Do yoga to relax

Middle-aged women get stressed out very quickly. But yoga exercises improve the mood-regulating neurotransmitters needed to fight conditions such as depression. Also, yoga exercises can relax the mind and body and show good results against conditions such as stress and anxiety.

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