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Nine other serious diseases revealed by changes in the legs

Nine other serious diseases revealed by changes in the legs

Have you ever heard the elderly scold you that sometimes the doctor gives medicine to the chest when you go to get medicine by hand? Disorders of other parts of the body are revealed by the hands and feet. Today we are talking about 10 internal diseases that are revealed in the feet.

01.Kidney disorders

Symptoms : Swelling of the legs
Pain like an electric shock

If the kidneys do not function properly, excess fluid will have difficulty leaving the body. This causes swelling.

If the area around your eyes is swollen or you feel pain similar to an electric shock in some of your organs, this may also be a symptom of such a kidney problem.

02.Venous insufficiency

Symptoms : Swelling of the legs

With venous insufficiency, it is difficult for blood to travel from the organs to the heart. This happens when the veins become weak or damaged.

This causes swelling of the feet. Swelling of the ankles is more common, followed by degeneration of the legs and heaviness of the legs.

03.Coronary insufficiency

Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Prolonged pain

In this case, one or two chambers of the heart lose the ability to pump blood effectively, so it accumulates in the lower extremities. The feet become swollen and the pain comes with it.

04.Blood clots in the veins

Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Fever in the legs
Skin discoloration
The pain

Swelling of one or both legs can signal a serious blood clot. This problem is very serious and can be fatal. If you think you may have it, see a doctor right away.

05.Liver problems

Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Vascular spider condition

Depending on the condition of your legs, you can identify the early symptoms of liver problems. If your liver is functioning abnormally, your limbs will start to swell and the veins will appear as a spider web.

06.Thyroid gland complications

Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Muscle tightness
Feeling cold

Foot conditions can also help diagnose certain thyroid gland problems. It is easily revealed by the symptoms listed above.


Symptoms : Pale skin
The pain
Muscle weakness

As the arteries narrow, the blood supply to the feet becomes less, and they become pale and painful.

In most cases, people ignore the symptoms of atherosclerosis. However, the severity of the disease should not be underestimated.


Symptoms : Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally
Injuries to the feet do not heal

When you have diabetes, even minor injuries to the foot can have serious consequences. Healing of the feet is essential here.

This disease often causes nerve damage. But the patient does not feel pain and does not feel a small bruise as an injury.


Symptoms : Swelling of the feet
Weakness of the legs
Muscle tightness

Of course, pregnancy is not a disease. However, you can detect it early by certain changes in your legs. Swelling occurs with pain in your legs and arms.

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