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Nine things the ears reveal about you

Nine things the ears reveal about you

There is a neural connection between certain parts of our body and internal organs. So by looking at the two ears on the outside of our body we can get an idea of ​​our health and identify potential health problems that may arise in the future. So in this article we wanted to make you aware of some amazing facts about the human sense of hearing and how to know about you and your health with both ears.

01.What do the ears reveal about us?

  • It can be used as an identification mark. By the time we are born, our ears are fully formed. Later, the upper part of the ear bends down slightly, but does not change as it grows. Therefore, we can use both ears as a sign of a person in the same way as a fingerprint.
  • From your ears, you can identify whether they are a dominant gene or a dormant gene that contributed to their creation. Normally the attached earlobe (the lower part of the earlobe that connects directly to the head) is a dormant feature. The main feature is the free earlobe (the lower part of the earlobe which is not connected to the head).
  • If you have a diagonal earlobe crease, you are more likely to develop coronary artery disease.
  • If your ears are extremely pale, it is because your body is deficient in vitamins and calcium.
  • If your ears are often red, it indicates a problem with your kidneys.
  • If your ears are dark red, it could mean memory loss, frequent headaches, and brain disorders.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the cartilage in the ear are a definite symptom of Relapsing polychondritis.

02.Ear thrust methods

  • Ear push – ups are just as effective at relieving stress and pain as pushing specific areas of the limbs. There are about 200 Chinese acupuncture points in our ear, which connect with many organs of the body, including the musculoskeletal system.
  • Pushing such places can solve many physical and mental health problems. The appearance of a normally unborn baby in the fetal position is similar to that of the ear push-ups.
  • With the help of a map that shows such push-ups, you can learn massage techniques to cure minor ailments such as headaches. But if you use this push-up method for serious medical conditions, you should consult a specialist.

By applying small clamps to the areas shown in the diagram, we can alleviate minor pain in the areas represented by those numbers

  • Back and shoulder.
  • Senses.
  • Joints.
  • The fleshy leaves and throat of the nose.
  • Management Digestion.
  • Head and heart.
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