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Ten Kitchen Problem Solving Tricks

Ten Kitchen Problem Solving Tricks

No matter how much we learn about kitchen hacks, or the wonderful tricks that make the work we can do in the kitchen easier. Because the problems we face in the kitchen are endless. Kitchen chores are two different things that happen everyday, such as the stench of the refrigerator due to a variety of foods, the fact that food put in the microwave does not heat up properly, minor accidents such as cutting hands, and the rapid deterioration of food.

So in this article we will teach you a little trick that you housewives can easily do for kitchen problems that do not end like this. Do not forget to tell us what tactics you have been most impressed with by following these, and what the results have been.

01.Heat food in the same way everywhere in the microwave

As you can see, when you put food in the microwave to heat it, the edges of the plate are too hot to touch, but the food in the middle of the plate is not hot enough. This is because the microwave microwaves are directed at the food, not underfloor heating like in an oven. So the next day when you put the food in the microwave, arrange the food like a ring near the edge of the plate and insert it into the oven. This way you can heat your food evenly everywhere.

02.To keep potatoes well for a long time

When potatoes are in the same place for a while, they tend to shed leaves or rot quickly. To prevent this, store potatoes in a cool, dry and dark place. Also, place an apple with the potatoes, while avoiding food such as onions. This way you can prevent the potatoes from sprouting and spoiling too quickly.

03.Separation of egg yolk and egg white

Although there are different ways to separate egg yolks and egg yolks, we offer this easy method for those who can’t do either. It does not require any special equipment. Do you know the “oil spoon” with the holes used for bonds? The next day break the egg and put it on top. Then the white apricots will filter through the holes and the yellow apricots will remain.

04.Easy to clean a grater

Carrots, cheeses, etc. are difficult to clean after using a grinder, which is easily scraped off because of the small pieces of food stuck between the teeth / holes. To get rid of this problem, cover the grater with a piece of polythene that is not too thick but not too thin and scrape the food on it. Then the exploited food added to the polythene has to be put in another container and the piece of polythene has to be thrown away. You have nothing left to clean in the grater.

05.Knife sharpening

It is important to keep kitchen knives sharp at all times. So if you do not have a sharpening tool, you can use a ceramic cup to sharpen knives whenever you want. The underside of such cups has a rough edge to hold them well to the table. So you can sharpen it by turning the cup upside down, tilting the knife 45 and rubbing the knife several times on the rough edge.

06.To keep strawberries fresh

Strawberries are a perishable fruit. You can use vinegar and water to keep the strawberries fresh for a long time. To do this, wash the strawberries thoroughly in a mixture of eight cups of water with one cup of white vinegar.

07.Removal of odor from bottles

If something has been left in plastic / glass bottles or things like plastic containers for a while and then washed off, there is a small way to get rid of the odor that remains. That’s newspapers! Newspapers absorb odors. So take a few pages of newspaper and tear it into small pieces and put it in the bottle or container you want to get rid of the odor and leave it for 24/48 hours. Then the odor will be removed from the bottle or container that has not been washed for that long.

08.Removal of dirt from the refrigerator

Refrigerators such as meat, fish, and vegetables can spoil and cause odor. Or, although not bad, certain vegetables, such as cabbage and radish, stink in the refrigerator. So you can use baking soda to get rid of this odor. Keep an open packet of baking soda in the refrigerator until the odor is removed. Baking soda does not make your refrigerator smell bad. But it does absorb the odor.

09.Keep cookies fresh

Cookies dry out when stored in a bottle for a long time. So you can use an apple pie to keep the cookies fresh without drying out this way. Place a slice of apple inside the bottle with the cookies. If the apple slice dries in a few days, add another slice.

10.To avoid hand cutting when chopping vegetables

Hand cutting is a very annoying thing when chopping vegetables. So to prevent this you can create a protective cover for your fingers at home. All you need is a plastic bottle and a rubber band. Cut a small piece of plastic large enough for your fingers as shown in the picture on the top of the bottle, drill two holes in the corners and send the rubber band through it. You can then put this small cover on your fingers and cut the vegetables without cutting your hand.

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