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Ten mistakes we need to stop right now

Ten mistakes we need to stop right now

As children we learned from brushing our teeth after eating, not sitting too long in front of a computer screen, or holding hands in ’10 and 2′ while driving, but some of these habits should have been abandoned long ago. Has been confirmed. This is a survey of daily habits that are actually dangerous to our physical health.

01.Clean your ears

Because our body is made up of complete mechanisms (mechanisms of action), earwax in particular is designed to be self-cleansing. Eczema makes ear piercings slippery and prevents bacteria, mold, and insects from entering them. At the same time, when the food is sold, it slides down the ear canal and leaves the body naturally.

But when you remove the weeds yourself, you get exactly the opposite effect. When you forcibly enter the ear canal, it causes the production of acne to increase. All you have to do is gently wipe them clean with a damp towel after bathing.

02.Stay too far away from the microwave

Microwave ovens are not as harmful as many people think. Unlike X-rays, a microwave oven does not produce a chemical or ionizing radiation that can cause genetic mutations (DNA) or DNA damage. In fact, it is designed so that the emitted electromagnetic radiation does not go beyond its limits. If you do not use an oven that is activated, it will not pose a health risk.

03.Flushing water to clean the toilet commode with the lid open

It is a well-known fact that the toilet is cleaned with water as soon as it is used. But the important thing is to do it right. If the lid of the commode is open, small particles of bacteria will scatter up to 2 m in height when sprayed with water. This is very disgusting. Do not forget to close the lid before you pour water.

04.Wash all types of food

Not all types of food require washing. For example, red meats do not need to be washed. But you can’t get rid of them because the bacteria are spreading here and there in your kitchen. When you boil or roast the meat, the high heat kills the bacteria in it. But the bacteria that are on the kitchen table or somewhere will eventually end up in your body. However, it is essential to wash all other foods (such as fruits and vegetables) before cutting.

05.Clean your nose

We try to do anything to make breathing easier when your nose is stuffy and uncomfortable. However, by cleaning the nose, bacteria on the outside can enter and infect the nostrils and sinuses. The fact is that the nose must be cleansed by the nose itself. All contents can be removed by carefully enlarging the nose or rinsing with a mixture of water and salt. When you use your hands for this, make sure they are clean.


According to chemistry, limescale is a substance made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Many of these chemicals are available for purchase in pharmacies. People use them for ailments such as heartburn. However, the caramel in the kettle is safe because no one deliberately eats it in large quantities. However, the amount of caramel in the kettle will help to create a large amount of chemicals in your water.

07.Brushing your teeth after eating

Of course people have to brush their teeth every day. Not immediately after eating, but about 30-60 seconds later. The strongest part of the human body is the tooth enamel. But even so, it can be mild under acidic conditions after consuming fruits or certain dairy foods. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating can damage your enamel. Dentists recommend rinsing the mouth with water or selling something like bubble gum. It increases the production of saliva in the mouth.

08.There is no point in sitting cross-legged

For a long time, people thought that sitting cross-legged for long periods of time would speed up the ligation of nerves. But current studies show that this is not always the case. You should not spend that long. But because it can be true at any time.

09.Working on a computer is bad for the eyes

Working on a computer for long periods of time can actually make your eyes tired. But this fatigue is not a cause of poor eyesight. Pain in the shoulders and neck, accompanied by dryness of the eyes, is a condition known by scientists as “computer vision syndrome”. To get rid of these symptoms you should follow the instructions below and use the monitor set in the right light conditions. Take breaks from time to time.
Apply eyelashes frequently and quickly to eliminate dryness of the eyes

10) Hold your hands in ‘10 and 2’ positions on the steering wheel

10 and 2 are one of the first things we learn in driving school. (Depending on how the numbers are located on the clock face). This means the correct position to keep your hand on the steering wheel of the vehicle. It is believed that it will help you to control your vehicle better if you need to handle an unexpected obstacle. But this is a misconception. Experts recommend that “9 and 3” be easily reversed, even at high speeds. In addition, this location keeps your hands away from airbags and prevents possible injuries.

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