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Ten things you should never do in the bathroom

Ten things you should never do in the bathroom

The normal toilet commode alone contains about 3.2 million bacteria. Due to our bad habits, these bacteria can spread to other places. As a result, we may experience abdominal discomfort or acne. So below we will explain how to use a clean and hygienic bathroom and how to avoid the mistakes we make on a daily basis.

01.Shaving in private places

It is common for both men and women to have hair in private places. They contain pheromones that can attract the opposite sex and protect you from harmful bacteria. Also, shaving damages the skin in that area.

Things to do –

  • If you want to keep your private area free of hair, use only a razor designed specifically for women and a shaving cream that can be used for such places. Soap is not a good substitute because the skin in those areas is very sensitive.
  • In addition to shaving, there are methods such as waxing to remove hair from those areas. If you plan to do such a procedure, go to a place where there are people who are trained to do it instead of doing it at home.

02.Using a loofah

It is a good idea to use a loofah only if it is new. When the body is rubbed with a loofah, the dead cells are removed and rested on a sponge. When you leave the loofah in the bathroom after washing, bacteria can easily grow in it. Then when you use the loofah again, the old dead cells, dirt and thousands of bacteria in it will be added back to your skin.

Things to do –

  • Always discard the old loofah and use a new one instead.
  • Instead of leaving the loofah in the bathroom, let it dry well
  • Use reusable items such as a wash cloth (wash cloth).
  • Twice a week you should remove dead skin cells and scrub, but do not use a loofah.

03.Missing certain parts of the body while bathing

Our body is protected from germs such as bacteria only as long as it is kept clean. But most of the time when we take a shower we miss some places so we are not completely clean. The most common areas we miss are the middle of the back, the lower back, the skull, the lower extremities, and the back of the ears.

Things to do –

  • Keep soft brushes to clean such areas. Then you will definitely remember that you need to clean those places.

04.Put the toothbrush open on the counter

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the house. You can not even imagine the amount of harmful germs in it. So just placing the toothbrush on the counter is not such a good idea. The fact that the toilet is located so close to the bathroom increases the risk.

Things to do –

  • Place the toothbrush at a considerable distance from the toilet.
  • Renew the toothbrush every 3 months.

05.Carrying technical equipment to the toilet

About 90% of people carry a cell phone or a tablet with them when they use the toilet. It is true that we wash our hands and become clean. But the cell phone we took to the bathroom was not cleaned. Then we even put the device on the dining table. With clean hands I hold the cell phone and even hold it to my ear. Those hands touch the face and mouth.

Things to do –

  • If you are lazy during the time you spend in the bathroom, put a small game in it. A Rubik’s Cube is the best solution. Unlike an electronic device, it is better because it can be washed and cleaned.

06.Using a towel for the face

Some people use the same towel for body and face. It is extremely bad. Some people have a separate towel for their face, but it’s not a good idea, as the germs will multiply quickly when you use the towel and leave it wet. It is especially harmful for people with skin problems.

Things to do –

  • Use disposable towels once. It not only protects your skin but also eliminates the need for regular towel washing.

07.Keep the towel in the bathroom

The main reason why keeping a towel in the bathroom is not such a good idea is that both moisture and bacteria are present in the bathroom. It is very unhealthy to hang the towel in the bathroom after you have used it and use it again the next time.

Things to do –

  • After wiping with a towel, leave it in the sun and air to dry without leaving it in the bathroom. Then the next time you use it you can use it fresh with no moisture and no odor.
  • Wash your used towel with a new towel after each shower.

08.Spending more than 15 minutes in the toilet

Many people spend more than 15 minutes sleeping in the bathroom, reading a book or reading a newspaper. Excessive pressure on your veins can then lead to conditions such as hemorrhoids that can cause bleeding.

Things to do –

  • Use the toilet only if absolutely necessary. When in use, clean immediately after work and return. Do not sit idly by.
  • Do not take your cell phone to the bathroom as it will cause you to lose focus on time. Do not carry a book, especially if you already have hemorrhoids.

09.Flush the toilet without closing the lid

Flushing a commode without closing the lid allows germs and small particles to mix with the rotating water and be rapidly released into space. Then they can be deposited around the sink, towel, toothbrush and even on your body.

Things to do –

  • Make it a habit to flush the lid at all times. If you forget to do so, stick a small sticker next to it that says, “Close the lid and flush.”

10.Keep the hair on top of your head while shampooing

When you comb your hair after bathing, apply conditioner to your hair, but if it is too tied up, it is because you are not washing your hair properly. Under no circumstances should you pick up a pile of hair that falls out of your neck when you shampoo and pile it on top of your head.

Things to do –

  • Shampooing should be done in the same way that the hair is in a naturally falling posture.
  • Even if you shampoo your scalp, do not rub the lower part of your hair.
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