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Ten types of sugar substitutes

Ten types of sugar substitutes

The human body needs a certain amount of sugar for its function and survival. But overeating can even lead to serious health problems. Nutritionists point out that reducing the intake of sugary foods as much as possible is a vital step in a healthy life. But it is no secret that food cannot taste good without sugar. Today we are going to tell you about some substitute sweeteners that you can use instead of sugar.

01.Coconut sugar

These have a high energy value but a very low glycemic index. They are also very tasty and nutritious. It can be added to food as a substitute for sugar.

02.Barley malt

Barley malt is a healthy sugar substitute that stimulates and speeds up the body’s metabolism, improves the immune system and improves eyesight. These are used for baking foods. It gives the food a very old sugary taste as well as a crispy nature.

03.Agave syrup

These are as sweet as sugar. It is rich in potassium, calcium and iron and can be considered as a healthy food. Drink it mixed with different drinks. They are not as thick as honey and dissolve well in water.


Sugarcane honey, which is thick and very sweet, contains a lot of minerals and B group vitamins. It has a similar taste that you can’t find a difference when compared to sugar. Can be added with baked goods and desserts.


Dates are a nutritious fruit. It is great to eat as a side dish. It can also be used as a substitute for sugar. Instead of biscuits or sugar, you can sip a few dates and drink a cup of tea or coffee. Alternatively, it can be chopped into date syrup or as a date mixture and added to desserts.

06.Mulberry syrup

Flowering berries have a number of healing properties that soothe the body. Even when they are made into syrups, they retain those properties and add a very high quality as well as a delicious taste to the food. A sugar substitute that can be added to drinks or desserts.

07.Sorghum sugar

Corn sugar is a food that has been used in China for a long time and has many health benefits. Corn contains about half as many calories as sugar. These are ingredients that can be added to a variety of drinks, flour mixes and desserts.

08.Liquid grape sugar

It is a food that has recently been identified as a long-lasting, healthy sugar substitute. It has a very low calorie content. Can be used in beverages, flour mixes, desserts as well as seasoning.

09.Maple syrup

Commonly used to flavor pancakes, this syrup has a very low caloric content and is said to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It has a very good old-fashioned taste. Can be used in salads, seasonings, seasonings, and garnishes.


It is one of the best low calorie sugar substitutes. These are the choices of many people trying to lose weight. It contains less than 18 calories per 100 grams. But it is 25 times sweeter than sugar. So add very little to the food when using. Can be used at any time instead of sugar.

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