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Ten ways to relax the mind

Ten ways to relax the mind

It is not surprising that you, who lead a monotonous life with a busy lifestyle, often feel restless, stressed and physically tired and distressed. But, through them, your health deteriorates unexpectedly. Today we are going to tell you about an ancient Chinese method that will help you to gradually improve your health and physical-mental well-being.

That is, qigong is a Chinese craft. Its English adaptation means life energy cultivation. It’s roughly what it means to be energetic. It is more accurate to call it a holistic system. It consists of postures, movements and exercises, inhaling and exhaling and meditating, spiritual relaxation as well as mastering martial arts training.

Practicing the following powerful exercise routines taught under this technique will help you to more effectively alleviate the ailments of headaches, stress, and anxiety that interfere with your daily activities.

01.Standing on one leg like a crane bird

This is an exercise aimed at improving balance and flexibility. It relaxes the spine by gently stretching the ligaments and improving blood circulation. Repeat 5 times on each side.

02.Standing holding your breath

This meditative exercise stimulates the body to regulate your breathing and bring life into the body, causing it to contract and expand. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Do this for about 2-5 minutes. Your hands should be in the same position throughout the workout.

03.Coiling recharge method

Before learning a combat training technique, do this as a warm-up exercise. The Qigong technique uses the hands to direct the flow of energy. It does this by creating some spiral patterns. It is a method that greatly helps to improve energy, power and well-being. Your fingers should point towards your abdomen.

04.Chinese wall squat method

This is a basic exercise that provides exercise to the spine and lower extremities. It effectively eliminates mental and neurological disorders and gradually improves kidney function in the body. Repeat this pose as often as you can. Experts at Qigong Institute recommend starting with 10 squats and then gradually increasing the number of times per day. Therefore, there is no need to put undue pressure on the body.

05.Endurance activator

This is also known as walk – 3 – miles – point. It is said that in the Middle Ages, priests practiced this exercise to increase their strength and to strengthen their feet when they were physically exhausted. Do not twist around your spine here.

06.Picking fruit

This is a simple and effective exercise. Stretch your arms as high as possible above your head. This is known as the oldest human body movement. Through this exercise the kidneys, spleen and pancreas begin to become active. There is also lifting of the joints.

07.Full body spiralling

This exercise opens the joints and relaxes the muscles. The whole body needs to be exercised and the tendons and ligaments are used more actively for this than the strength of the muscles. Repeat this about 8 times.

08.Horse-stance circles

The purpose here is not only to train your body but also to train your strength and mind. This normalizes our posture by relieving pressure in the hip area. It also increases the strength of the lower body. Keep the feet slightly apart so that the feet are parallel. Start with the elbows bent and extend the arms above the head. There, the arms meet each other in a circular motion from the shoulders upwards. Move the posture until the fingertips touch each other.

09.Bending and lifting

This improves the strength of the knee joint. It also teaches you how to lift something without hurting your body. Bend your knees and hips. There, your knees should not protrude more than your toes. Also the spine should be straight.

10.Circling knees

This is used in martial arts as a body warming exercise. Keep your feet slightly apart at shoulder width apart and bend slightly at the hips and knees. Put your hands on your knees. Now, move the foot diagonally towards the outside of the ankle. There, your knees should not extend beyond the position of the toes.

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